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  Virtual Timecard Interface

The IntelliTime Virtual Timecard Interface (VTI) leverages your investment in networked personal computers to allow employees to enter their timecard online. VTI offers many flexible timecard designs to include start and stop time entries (8:00 AM to 12:00 PM) or elapsed time entries (4.50) that can be configured to the user level. Online Leave or Overtime authorization forms are included along with prior period adjustment timecards.

Timecards show the assigned schedule for the day above each day and include a pick list of all available accrual balances. If project, work order or cost accounting is a factor in your organization the IntelliTime timecard includes up to five separate cost accounting fields and can track equipment and material usage in addition to labor.
Create and publish complex 24x7 schedules from IntelliTime with complete integration to timekeeping!

The IntelliTime Server is the central control point for payroll rules, interfaces, workflow and reporting for all timekeeping input methods.

Virtual Timecard Interface
Touch Pad PC - Timekeeping Device
Dedicated Badge Readers
Telephone Timekeeping (IVR)
Timecard Scanning or Fax With Handprint Recognition
Interface from External Timekeeping Data Sources
Hand Held Computers


Click here for FLSA Exempt Timecard

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For more positive control over timekeeping, without dedicated badge reader hardware our Web Punch interface provides users a browser based solution that records punches through your network using the server date and time as the control. Users log into VTI and click Punch In or Out with their mouse to record their timekeeping transactions.

Powerful rules are run in real time and in seconds the user sees any exceptions with their timecard that they can quickly resolve before routing the timecard to their supervisor for review and approval. Multiple levels of approval are configurable in IntelliTime through our powerful workflow engine.

Web reporting is provided to Supervisors, Timekeepers and Payroll Clerks using our configurable security so authorized users can see real time reports for their areas of concern. VTI is also tightly integrated with e-mail so alerts and notifications can be provided through e-mail of events such as the approval of an on-line leave request.